Buying & Selling Whiskey

Buying and selling whiskey can be an exciting hobby. In fact, it’s not only the hottest trend in collectibles but also the most profitable. We’ve curated a few exciting articles online to share with you. When you’re ready, give us a call and share your collection with us.

2019 Fall Edition: Whiskey Continues to Fetch Top Dollar

Forget sneakers. Check out the release dates on these whiskey bottles for this Fall.

One example is this W.L. Weller that’s hotter than your usual Pappy. Yup, we got one!

Best investment idea? That’s right, it’s whiskey y’all. Collecting whiskey outperformed jewelry, art, and even classic cars.

Even the Brits are getting in on the action buying and selling whiskey as more whiskey are exported across the pond. Sloshed yet, mate?

Can someone buy me a bottle? It’s only $1.9 million. Who says you need money to buy and sell whiskey?