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Selling Your Estate

Estate sales is tough no matter the circumstances, whether you’re relocating, downsizing, or handling your loved ones’ assets. Even more so with collectibles such as liquor. “What do I do with Dad’s bottles?” That’s where we can help. We Buy Whiskey will get you the best prices for your prized collection.

We love collecting liquor, especially whiskey, and we have worked with collectors of rare or vintage bourbon, rye, scotch, and tequila, as well as all sizes from single bottles to huge inventories. Here’s our collection.

Simple and Fast Process

Our process is easy, fast, and efficient. That’s why a lot of collectors turn to us for the best prices and deals. Check out our reviews here.

Firstly, call us for a quote. Then, pick-up or shipping arrangements will be made quickly. Finally, after receiving your bottles, a check will be sent to you via overnight mail. 

You get upfront pricing and a quick turnaround. Don’t wait for an auction – it’ll take too long. Instead, give us a call today.

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Avoid the hassle and stress of moving your inventory. Best prices here.

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No more space for your collection? Call us to get liquidated fast!

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Estate Liquidation

We get you paid fast so you can move forward. Message us below.


Moving is stressful for everyone. More so, if you’re moving across state lines. Each state has its own set of alcohol laws and some being weirder than others. More importantly, federal law follows state laws. In other words, if you happen to break a state law by illegally carrying alcohol across states, you could then be charged with a federal crime as well. Talk about double jeopardy!

Why bother with all the hassle, stress, and added expenses? Instead of paying to move your bottles, let us help you evaluate your inventory and give you the best quotes. Move with greater peace of mind. In short, call us instead of calling your lawyer.


When the house seems a little too big to manage, maybe it’s time to downsize. Next, you have to decide what to keep and what to throw away. “Should I bring all my whiskies?” How about we help lighten the load? At We Buy Whiskey, we offer the best prices for your liquor collection.

For the next chapter, you might consider parting with a few Ardbergs and Glenfarclas but hold on to your Macallans and BTACs. Therefore, let us help you decide by giving us a call and getting some quotes. Upsize your bank account by downsizing with us.

Estate Liquidation

When you lose a loved one, it is emotional, overwhelming, and often, unexpected. Between the cost of the funeral and the burial or cremation costs, you may find yourself needing to sell or liquidate your families’ belongings in a timely manner. Parting with bottles of whisky and bourbon should be easier than a family heirloom. Keep the ring and jewelry, sell the Pappy and Blanton’s.

Consequently, it can be a difficult process as well as consuming a lot of time and energy. So, let us help you during this confusing time. We can move quickly and give you top dollar for your liquor collection. Certainly give us a call and let us move forward together.

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